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Becoming a Web Professional

When I was young, the only thing that I’m passionate about is playing drums. As I remember, everyday after class, I regularly listen to Hanson songs in our music player, then sit on my drum throne and play along with their music.

As an avid fan, I practiced for about 2 to 3 hours a day, consistently trying to sync the drum patterns to my mind and body so I can play the rest of the album on a weekend. I never thought of becoming a drummer or even wishing someone to teach me. Thanks to my father who influenced me to learn and be good at it.

Circa 2002

Same as with web development, it all started in high school when my teacher (Mr. Amerigo) introduced to us the basic HTML tags for creating a web page using MS Notepad. I’m very grateful to him because he became my inspiration. He is not like other typical computer teacher who just stick on discussing computer history and some MS Office user interface.

That time, I instantly became a huge fan of HTML 4.01. I started gathering images from Google so I can use the image tags everywhere on a webpage. Good thing about web development, are a bunch of technologies involved so it can be more dynamic, effective, useful and appealing to most audiences. With that, I’m more eager to learn new things as I progress. I cannot just stick with HTML because I also need to learn JavaScript and CSS to improve my skills and capability. I also became interested to learn more about Photoshop and LiveMotion that I used a lot in designing mockups.

The Turning Point

I’ve been so inclined in creating web pages that time (still today) because I really enjoyed it. I even get excited whenever I hit the refresh button on a browser to check if my changes are working perfectly fine. So the following year, I joined the WEB Navigator’s Club Webpage Making Contest. But before it commence, I still have a week to practice and to prepare myself for a workflow that I need to follow so I can finish everything and edge them all out.

On that event, what I did was a Flash intro going to a simple homepage representing my class section that links to most common pages like about us, gallery and list of students. For each menu navigation link, it must be a rollover GIF image. I even add a No Right Click script to somehow prevent them copying our contents. At the end of the day, the rest are working perfectly.

Fortunately, I won the contest. and that was the time that I knew where my path is heading.

So how did I won? Based on my observation, other contestants used only plain HTML rather than combining other web technologies that can be used to make the web page extraordinary like what I did. I implemented several technologies like Flash, JavaScript, HTML and Photoshop, but of course I put my heart into it. Maybe that’s how I won. Obviously there’s no secret to success, we just need to do everything from our very best.

From there, I consistently demand for improvement to become a better designer and developer.

Until today, I still keep on learning new ways and techniques with the emerging technologies that can help hone my skills and improve overall quality of my work.

So that’s it! Thank you so much for reading this article and catch up until my next blog. I hope it somehow inspires you to keep on going and improving for whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

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