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Whether you have an existing website or just planning to start your own zone over the internet, you will still need to acquire all or maybe some of these components for a website to be up and running. Take note that these will have to be a substantial part of planning for your website, and because of that try to make sure you have a basic understanding on how each of these fundamentals work.

Domain name

A domain name is usually accompanied by the web address or site name that you usually type on your browser’s address bar. For every businesses or companies that are planning to have their own website, It is highly recommended to register a top-level domain, simply because you have more control on pointing the nameservers to your hosting account and also securing it.

One of the first and commonly used is a .com domain that was derived from the word commercial. You can register to other top-level domains such as .org, .edu, .gov, .us, .ph and more depending on what your company/business represent or located at a specific country. To register a top-level domain you can log on to www.name.com

Hosting Server

A hosting server is where you store all your important web and multimedia files that will be called upon visiting your website. This is also the place where you have more control of accessing your database, email accounts, FTP, domains, web statistics, site security and other related components for running and maintaining your website. Don’t bother looking for free hosting services as they have limited site bandwidth, storage size and lacks the reliability of securing your website that will give you an unwanted aftermath.

Web Design

Obviously, without a doubt it is a primary objective to possess a great, relevant and effective web design for your site. It will be your overall identity and will somehow affect on how you do real business. A good web design must also deal with other web strategies that will be included on your website like SEO and other site functionalities.

Web Content

Content is an essential way of communicating to your site’s audience and it is very significant because people always tend to get information when they navigate to such sites. And When they got the information they needed through your site they will surely demand for more. That is why you also have to continuously feed them new materials such as images or photos, articles, promotions and other strategies that will help generate more traffic for your website and eventually huge sales for your business. A great way to do this is by having a blog on your site.

Remember “Content is king” - Bill Gates

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